Frank Lloyd Wright in Oklahoma

Detailing the work of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright within the state of Oklahoma
Three of Frank Lloyd Wright's works exist within the state of Oklahoma: the Richard Lloyd Jones residence - "Westhope" - (located in Tulsa, OK), Price Tower (in Bartlesville, OK), and the Harold Price Jr. residence - "Hillside" - (also in Bartlesville, OK). These three buildings reflect Wright's soaring creativity and boundless imagination across a span of over 25 years.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Oklahoma BuildingsEdit

Price Tower (H.C. Price Company Tower)Edit

Wright's Prairie Skyscraper
Bartlesville, OK 1956

1 Price Tower

"Westhope" - Richard Lloyd Jones ResidenceEdit

Tulsa, OK 1929
Westhope IMG 8551

"Hillside" - Harold Price, Jr. ResidenceEdit

Bartlesville, OK 1953

Frank Lloyd Wright BiographyEdit

June 8, 1867- April 9, 1959
Frank Lloyd Wright

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Price TowerEdit

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